Lorraine Sludd’s Skydives for Wexford General Hospital

Presentation of a cheque of €2000.00 to the ICU Friends of Wexford General Hospital on Friday morning. L/r; Lorraine Sludds, Madeleine Quirke (Friends of Wexford General Hospital) and Aoife Dunne.

At the Friends of Wexford Hospital, behind each and every donation is a story. Lorraine Sludd’s story is one of hope and admiration. One of Lorraine’s closest friends Martina was admitted to Wexford General Hospital and unfortunately ended up being placed in the intensive care unit with a difficult road to recovery. She admits that at the time she felt helpless but never hopeless. Martina proved to everyone how strong she was and made a full recovery.

Lorraine shared with us how she felt about Martina’s recovery.. ‘I was elated to be proven right and my friend made a full and miraculous recovery. That is in no small part due to the amazing care and attention that she received in the Intensive Care Unit.’

As Lorraine acknowledged the care and attention her friend received during her difficult time in the ICU in Wexford General Hospital and wanted to do something to highlight her appreciation. Lorraine jumped at the chance of giving back by jumping out of a plane 10,000 feet above the ground! A unique and admirational fundraising challenge. This brave activity helped to raise €2000 for the Intensive Care Unit in Wexford General Hospital.

Without people like Lorraine the Friends of Wexford Hospital would not be able to provide the vital funds and well needed facilities to Wexford General Hospital. We thank you Lorraine for your great bravery.