In the past you have raised vast amounts of money by arranging fundraising events in your community. The fundrasing event can be big or small, fun or sporting,  involve grey matter or brawn, you choose! All moneys are very gratefully received and every effort made is appreciated.

We have Friends of Wexford General Hospital sponsorship cards and branded buckets for cash collections if you need them.

Either download the pdf here and drop it into your local representitive or  Simply complete the fields below and we will be in touch

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    Just some ideas to consider for your next fundraising event for Wexford General Hospital

    • Fun 10 km-or if you are doing one why not support your local hospital and pick up a sponsorship card
    • Table quiz
    • Dye your hair ( doesn’t include blonde highlights!)
    • Shave your chest (ouch!)
    • Bungy jump( not for the feint hearted!)
    • Bucket collection
    • Sponsored Fast ( good to start on a full tummy!)
    • Community fun day
    • Sponsored trek, cycle or run- or if you are doing one why not support your local hospital and pick up a sponsorship card
    • Sponsored Fashion show

    The list is endless but the cause doesnt change- support your local hospital and you are supporting your family, your friends and your community.