Press Releases

March 2016

Friends Contribute €242,000 to St Gabriel’s Paediatric Ward

Thanks to a generous bequest from Mr Herbert Amon, Friends of Wexford General Hospital have contributed €242,514 towards the extensive refurbishment of St Gabriel’s Paediatric Ward. With this funding the children’s ward is now a vibrant, fully equipped, modern, purpose built ward for its new occupants. Read More Here

February 2016

Childhood & Adolescent Mental Well Being

Hosted by Friends of Wexford General Hospital 

FREE Talk- 7pm Tuesday 9th Feb at Wexford General Hospital on Childhood & Adolescent Mental Well Being.Friends of Wexford General Hospital Childhood and Adolescent mental Well beingAt any one time 20% of children and adolescents have a psychological issue. This covers a vast spectrum of issues from being in a bad mood because they had a fight with a friend to extremes such as suicidal intentions. Positive mental health can be encouraged by following some simple and basic steps:

• Support good family relationships
• Having good social relationships- physically being with others
• Good diet
• Exercise
• Days away from alcohol
• Time away from technology- phones, tablets, pcs

Out of the 20% experiencing psychological issues only 8% of these may need to seek further help. In the latest of the series of talks supported by Friends of Wexford General Hospital, Dr Kieran Moore will highlight the more serious signs to watch out for and how to differentiate between a normal bad mood and something that might be more serious.

All are welcome to attend Friends Of Wexford General Hospital’s FREE talk on Childhood & Adolescent Mental Well Being at 7pm, Tuesday 9th February in the staff room at Wexford General Hospital.

November 2015

Your Heart – Health Information Talk in Plain English

Hosted by the Friends of Wexford General Hospital

Is your heart at risk?

What are the risk factors and how can you avoid them?

What is the recipe for your healthy heart?

Friends of Wexford Hospital are hosting a heath information talk in plain English by Dr Aidan Buckley, Consultant Cardiologist, on Tuesday next 11th Nov at 7.00 p.m. in the staff canteen of Wexford General Hospital.

Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

Dr Buckley has kindly volunteered to outline common cardiac issues in plain English. He will discuss some of the risk factors we should all be aware of and outline a recipe for getting and keeping a healthy heart for you, your friends and family.

If you are interested in your heart or that of a loved one, then come along and be informed. Please bring a friend.

Tuesday Nov 24th at 7.00 p.m. – Wexford General Hospital – Staff Canteen


March 2015

Friends of Wexford General Hospital
Purchase vital equipment for Theatre and ICU

Friends of Wexford General Hospital on behalf of the people of Co. Wexford has purchased much needed equipment for use in Theatre and ICU at Wexford General Hospital.

The purchase of the Olympus Endoscopy Stacking System replaces an obsolete unit that could no longer be serviced or repaired.  The new system enables physicians at the hospital to have mobile Endoscopy imaging both in theatre and I.C.U.  This is particularly helpful in situations where a patient may be bleeding and requires medical intervention under general anaesthesia. It also enables the anaesthetic team to provide emergency endoscopic interventions in theatre and I.C.U.  Read More

November 2014

Diabetes – A Growing Problem – Free Health information talk.

10,000 people in County Wexford are affected by diabetes. These range from infants with type 1 diabetes to 80 year olds with type 2 diabetes. The problem is growing, because type 2 diabetes has a direct link to obesity and lifestyle. Read More

October 2014

Are you, a friend or a family member affected by dementia?

Do you know someone that is?

Understanding Dementia – a talk by Medical Consultant Michael Riordan.

Free for all to attend, this event is brought to you by the local Charity Friends of Wexford General Hospital in conjunction with the consultants, management and staff of Wexford General Hospital.

This talk is being held on Monday November 3rd at 7.00pm in the Hospital’s Staff Canteen. Read More

 September 2014

Founding Chairman Retires after 7 years service on Board of Friends of Wexford General Hospital

Friends of Wexford General Hospital was established in 2006 to co-ordinate the fundraising efforts and to build the Oncology Day Care Unit at Wexford General Hospital. This mammoth fund raising event was founded and chaired by Mr Liam Dwyer. Following the huge fundraising effort, the organisation received charitable status with Mr Dwyer as Chairman, a position he held from 2006-2013. Read More

April 2014

Friends Purchase Equipment for Infant Care and Maternity Unit

Friends of Wexford General Hospital on behalf of the people of Co. Wexford has purchased much needed equipment for infant care and maternity units at Wexford General Hospital.

A new infant ventilator purchased to replace a 15 year old decommissioned ventilator, is now fully operational at the hospital. A second infant ventilator received an upgrade as a fully functioning back- up to the primary ventilator.  The ventilators provide high frequency ventilation to neonates and premature babies at a total cost of €37,651.         Read More

November 2012 

Friends Support National Colorectal Screening Programme

The National Cancer Control Programme has recently accredited Wexford General Hospital as a screening centre for the colorectal cancer screening programme which is to start in 2013.  The facilities and standards required to facilitate this programme has been supported by the Friends of Wexford General Hospital donating approximately €20,000 to the screening programme.

Colorectal cancer affects about 2200 people every year inIreland.  It is the second most common cancer in both women and men as a cause of death and has a five year survival of about 55%.  One of the most important determinants of improved survival is earlier detection and with this in mind the colorectal cancer screening programme will target men and women aged 55 – 74.  The programme will be implemented in a phased basis starting with men and women aged 60 – 69 in 2013 and expanded over time until the full 55 – 74 age group is reached. Read More………

17th October 2012.

Friends Fund Changes to Emergency Department

A project team was set up in Wexford General Hospital with the aim of improving patient experience and patient flow through the Emergency department. The recommendations of the project team are now in place. Friends of Wexford General Hospital, through the generous donations from the people of County Wexford, funded the changes made to the Emergency Department.

The changes have resulted in meeting over 80% of admission times, directly improving patient care. This means that patients wait less time to be seen and treated or discharged. Read More

March 14th 2012

Friends Donate 2 Bronchoscopes to Endoscopy Department

Friends of Wexford General Hospital are delighted to donate two new bronchoscopes and a new colonoscope to the Endoscopy Department at Wexford General Hospital, funded by the generous donations of the people of County Wexford.

The bronchoscope is a flexible camera that can be inserted into a person’s air-way to give an accurate view of what is happening. Last year Wexford General Hospital carried out 210 of these procedures mainly as day cases. As the cleaning and sterilization of these endoscopes is vigorous they wear out over time. The two new ones replaced a 7yr and a 9yr old scope. Read More…..